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Sewing Machine Tips and Tricks

Singer 15-91

Singer 15-91

This 1955 Singer 15-91 has recently been serviced, has good wiring and motor runs very well.

This machine is a heavy duty straight stitch machine, it does well with light weight leather, canvas and upholstery.  It has a potted direct drive motor which increases the output power of the machine, there is no belt to slip, cause loss of power or wear out.

The 15-91 has an oscillating hook, is a low shank machine and will easily take size 19 needles for light weight leather, canvas or upholstery. The 15-91 is a full size Singer sewing machine and will fit in Singer full size cabinets and treadle cabinets.

The Singer 15-91 has unique needle and hook assemblies, similar to the 301 as well as the 221 and 222 featherweights the back (flat) of the needle faces the left which means the needle threads from right to left.

If you are looking  for a heavy duty domestic straight stitch machine this is what you are looking for.  



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